Device Management Automation

Usually referred as ACS (Automatic Configuration Server), our Device Management Automation Platform (CONTROL) provides a vendor-agnostic, centralized management platform for all devices in your network, key functionalities includes:

  • Full support of TR-069 | TR-369/USP standards
  • Automatic Onboarding (Zero Touch Prvisioning)
  • Configuration Management
  • Performance Tests (TR-143 based)
  • Firmware Management
  • Automation/Optimization Engine
  • Extensive Reports & Analytics

Subscriber Management Automation

Telecom Service Provides requires flexible, scalable, an automated tools to control access to their networks. Through our Subscriber Management Automation Platform (GATE) we provide an open and standard-based solution for the most critical use-cases in today telecom arena:

  • Access Control for FTTH deployments (AAA)
  • Captive Portal and Access Control for large WiFi deployments
  • Ad-sponsored Public WiFi
  • Community WiFi
  • Mobile WiFi Offload

Infrastructure Automation

By managing Infrastructure as Code with our FLUX platform, Telecom Service Providers will be able to manage the configuration of the network elements (NE) in a simple and centralize platform and conveniently deploying initial configurations, auditing, or configuration changes to a large amount of NEs using their proper data models (YANG, REST API, CLI, others) and associated communication protocols (NETCONF, HTTPS, SSH, others)