Subscriber Management Automation

Telecom Service Provides requires a flexible, scalable, an automated tools to control access to their networks. Through our Subscriber Management Automation Platform (GATE) we provide an open and standard-based solution for the most critical use-cases in today telecom arena:

  • Access Control for FTTH deployments (AAA)
  • Captive Portal and Access Control for large WiFi deployments
  • Ad-sponsored Public WiFi
  • Community WiFi
  • Mobile WiFi Offload

A reliable GATE

Our Subscriber Management Platform (GATE) provides a centralized, vendor-agnostic solution to provide secure and reliable access to critical telecommunication networks (a.k.a. AAA).

The platform provides a powerful WebGUI and REST API for seamless integration with their OSS/BSS.

Powerful Insights

GATE integrates a powerful reporting engine that allow Telecom Service Provider to better understand what is actually happening into their networks.

With a rich and flexible implementation on the Accounting part of AAA, the platform provides detailed analytics on subscribers activity on the network:

  • Transactions reports
  • Activity location
  • Traffic utilization
  • Metadata-related analytics (type of UE, brand, others)