Device Management Automation

Usually referred as ACS (Automatic Configuration Server), our Device Management Automation Platform (CONTROL) provides a vendor-agnostic, centralized management platform for all devices in your network, key functionalities includes:

  • Full support of TR-069 | TR-369/USP standards
  • Automatic Onboarding (Zero Touch Provisioning)
  • Configuration Management
  • Performance Tests (TR-143 based)
  • Firmware Management
  • Automation/Optimization Engine
  • Extensive Reports & Analytics


Our Device Management Automation Platform (CONTROL) provides a centralized, vendor-agnostic solution to automate all operational and support tasks for your network devices including FTTH ONT, Cable eMTA, FWA modems, Video STB, and WiFi Mesh/Extenders.

The platform provides a powerful WebGUI and REST API for seamless integration with their OSS/BSS.

Automated Optimization

Any parameter or configuration in the CPEs can be automatically optimized based on specific thresholds or desired values, most common use case is WiFi Optimization where the platform periodically (through TR-x69 periodic reporting) evaluate WiFi service KPI and automatically re-configure the device to achieve optimal performance without any manual or operator-lead intervention.

Want to try it?

You only need a TR-069 capable CPE (ONT, WiFi Router, etc.) with a stable Internet connection.

We'll set up a private cloud instance for you to try and experience our Device Management Platform