Infrastructure Automation

Through a simple GUI, Telecom Service Providers can now automate the configuration of a large amount of services and devices in a secure, scalable, and error-free approach.

Independently of the vendor or protocols supported by your network devices (CLI, Yang, others), our Infrastructure Automation Platform (FLUX) can automatically & programmatically perform any configuration task/flow on them, empowering Service Providers to implement:

  • Configuration Compliance check (a.k.a. Auditing)
  • New deployments configuration (a.k.a. Golden Configs)
  • Element Managers Consolidation
  • Configuration Automation
  • Telemetry & Monitoring

Tame your Automation Flows

By managing your #InfrastructureAsCode you can take advantage of the modern DevOps tools to implement automation flows on your Network Infrastructure.

As with code, you can check or deploy configurations, review or revert changes, or simply measure or monitor the status of your network elements in an agnostic fashion, using the proper data model and network protocol for each type of element.